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This is an Google gPhone concept blog. If you saw your Google gPhone concept on this blog which isn't sent by you, please let me now to remove or to add your name. Watermarks on the pics just mean that they are viewed on this blog. Thanks! gphoneGoogle

nchGear reports Googlephone is real !!!

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CruCrunchgear has posted some new news that insiders claim not only the existence of a googlephone but its release Q1 2008.Here are some info they got ...
Google is currently assessing over twenty HTC models and refining its final handset design and will create a special version of Google Maps, compatible with built-in GPS, and compatibility with Gmail and the calendar app. There is also some talk that Samsung will be releasing gPhone handsets as well, but that has not been confirmed.One extremely interesting point? Google Talk will become a part of the phone, adding VoIP capability to the hardware.The software should be like Yahoo! Mobile, a similar application that leverage’s Yahoo’s mail and search solutions for handsets. However, that Google is going ahead with an actual hardware launch and may be using its own OS — the tipster mentioned WinMo 6 but there is a better chance that they will be using a Linux-based OS — and hardware is quite a shocker. More as this

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