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Google: Is There A "gPhone" In Our Future?

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Back in March, when Google Inc hired Andy Rubin, one of the founders behind the Sidekick from Danger, Inc., there was rampant speculation that the company was careening down the path toward a Google-branded cell phone. I was told by sources that he was heading up a 100-person team on this project.Since then, various Google execs have stepped forward to say there wasn't Google hardware in the company's future; but plenty of cool new software on the way designed specifically to take advantage of the wonderful world of wireless.And now we're all at it again today, thanks to Google's (rumored $50 million) purchase of Grand Central, a neat, but tiny software company with a one-phone-number-fits-all kind of approach. It's cool technology. Blending the net and your phone, Grand Central lets users provide one phone number to people, and it'll ring at your home, office and cell

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